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- Acoustic, electronic or hybrid set-ups for drums and percussion

- Studio recordings

- Live TV and adverts

- Ableton programming for artists and tours
- Playback tech
- Tailor-made workshops & masterclasses
- Online lessons



I am available for live performances, tv appearances, tours and studio recordings.


I custom build live performances using Ableton Live for artists and tours,


studio recordings into the live arena.

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I am available for a variety of live performances, private and corporate events, as well as for studio recordings.


I custom design clinics and masterclasses sharing my experience and knowledge working as a professional drummer. 

These masterclasses can focus specifically on drumming / how to build live performances using Ableton Live or a combination of the two.

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I tailor and deliver music workshops for schools, corporate events, festivals and community-based projects.


  These events creatively use music and rhythm as tools for improving teamwork, collaboration, creative thinking and leadership development.  My workshops inspire creativity, confidence, stress relief and ultimately make music more accessible to everyone.

Contact me to discuss your desired learning objectives and we can customise a fun, engaging and impactful event. 

Examples are drum circle and songwriting workshops.

In 2019 Vicky trained to become a drum circle facilitator with UK Playshop under the

International Village Music Circles founded by Arthur Hull.



In my lessons we will cover the most essential tools a drummer needs:


Time keeping

Sight reading



Whether you’re a complete beginner or have years of experience, I will custom build the lessons to fit your needs.


Ableton Live is a versatile and intuitive Digital Audio Workstation for live performances and electronic music production.

In my lessons we will cover the basics in how to use Ableton Live 11 for beginner to intermediate users. You will only need a laptop or desktop to get started.









"Vicky is an amazing teacher. She is so positive and I don’t feel afraid to experiment or make mistakes as the atmosphere is fun and playful and low pressure."


“Vicky brings a refreshing approach to her work. She combines the perfect blend of music industry insight alongside the passion to ignite creativity and musicality in new music makers. The way she have achieved this is through hard work and a strong drive to share her musical and creative journey."


"Vicky is one of the hardest working drummers and musicians I know. She is vivacious, and endlessly energetic. As an Ableton instructor she is clear, concise and engaging and was able to provide a framework to get me up and running within the first session. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

"Vicky is a dream to work with. As you can see with the content she creates, she has a great focus on high quality work, but also a refreshing focus on fun and positive energy - something the world could use more of these days."

"Vicky has taught me how to completely produce a track on Ableton Live, from the basic features of the software to the more specific effects, tools and procedures. She has given me not only the tools to compose and produce my own songs, but also the motivation and self confidence that I needed to believe in myself as a growing musician." 

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