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I take my students on a journey where they get explore the history of music through rhythm.

They will learn the most essential tools a drummer needs covering:

  • technique

  • dynamics

  • consistency

  • groove

  • improvisation 

  • sightreading


Whether you’re a complete beginner or have years of experience behind the kit I will custom build the lessons to fit your needs.

We always start the lessons with a drum solo, which has been a transformative experience for many students truly connecting with the drums to find your own unique voice and form of self-expression. We will also play your favourite songs and have a lot of fun!


For any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.


"Vicky is an amazing teacher. She is so positive and I don’t feel afraid to experiment or make mistakes as the atmosphere is fun and playful and low pressure. As someone who’s shy and struggles with exam type situations I feel within this atmosphere l we achieve loads and I can really shine and progress."

"All my lessons have  inspired me and pushed me as a drummer providing me with the skill Set for all my musical endeavours.  Vicky is the most enthusiastic and lovely teacher, she not only gives key insight into drumming but also the music industry and life as a whole. In each lesson there’s a 5 minute improvised solo, it gets creativity and improv flowing and is just a lovely way to start each and every lesson."

"I absolutely adore my lessons with Vicky, I look forward to them and they are a highlight to my week! Working on solos was scary at first but really has enabled me to go beyond what I felt I was capable of. She has shown me frameworks around drumming that have really unlocked things for me, lots of ah ha moments! Her feedback is always constructive and we make a clear roadmap together of achievable objectives after each lesson so I never feel overwhelmed. I’m excited to experiment and explore I have seen big progress in my drumming and confidence!"

"We work as a team. Vicky is always on time and communication is super easy with her. She’s also great with the tech with online teaching, even when glitches appear we always find a way of continuing the lessons with pads and rythm.

I find her an extremely inspiring drummer and person and feel so lucky to have her as my teacher!"

"Vicky makes every drum lesson fun and she teaches well. She has helped to get my hands quicker"

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